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Our Service to Institutions

  • We give you guidance as to the programme you wish to participate in, and guide you through the process.
  • We work with various admissions to ensure you have confirmed admissions to your choice of programme.
  • We guide you through the rest of the application process.
  • We also give you ongoing support till you arrive at your destination
  • We continue to keep in touch with you giving you much needed support as you adjust to your new environment.
You can explore the following online with us :

Institute Search: Browse through our registered institutes and search what they offer to international students. Innovative 'Compare' Tool allows students to compare institute 'on a Grid' and

Apply: APPLY formally by putting your application to one of our registered Institutes completely Online. Easy step-by-step process will assist you to find the right institute and allow you to submit the application to the selected Institute for admission. Upload Registered students can upload all required documents from their 'My page' section and complete the whole process online. Student Connect : Connect online with many more students who are in process to apply or have already reached their overseas destination. Share your thoughts and queries and make your journey more informative and easy

Online Career Counseling : Live Chat' - If you find it tough to make the decision on what suits you best, which country to go or where do you qualify based on your past education and work background then connect with our expert Education Advisors via Live Chat' and find the best possible solution and institute match.

Visa Support services : Our expert Visa Advisors guide and assist students in further preparing their Visa files for High Visa Success. To our Registered students we not only provide comprehensive online advise but also assist in providing the Correct Visa forms and Check list for preparing the right Documents for Visa filing. (All advise and details provided are as per the Guidelines and Policies of the respective country of choice).

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