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Hoping to immerse yourself in an exciting new culture, learn a new language, or gain a more global perspective?

Studying abroad is a profound, life-changing experience that is both fun and exciting and will help you grow academically and personally while preparing you for a career.

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High School
Study program
USA 2020

High School USA 2020

high school program places international students in host families and US high schools across the country for an academic year or semester program.

High School
study program
in Canada

study in canada

From Rugged Landscapes And Snowy Mountains To Sea-Salted Coasts And Buzzing Metropolitan Cities, Canada Is A Country Like No Other. Canada's Rich Diversity......​

High School
study program
in Germany

study in germany

Recently Germany is becoming a magnet for international students from all over the world. Let’s explore some of the reasons why students prefer to study in this amazing country.....

High School
study program
in Holland

study in holland

Experience Holland as an International student, for a Semester or an academic year, staying with selected homestay families.


pre-university programe

Experience the world, discover yourself. Embark on the greatest adventure of your life and become an international high school exchange student.

university &

U & College placement

TRAINING & INTERNSHIP PROGRAMS Training and Internship programs provide international participants with opportunities for professional development

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INTERNSHIP MAURITIUS – ALUMNO ASTRALIS (Star Student) is based in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. We have been operational in Mauritius since 2007 and have placed students from more than 40 countries & 50 different fields of education.

Our focus is on Quality Internships & Work Placements and Cross .....    

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I-StudyAbroad is a international student exchange organization coordinating exchange experiences for high school students, university students and young professionals.

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Training program is for a foreign national who: has a degree or professional certificate from a foreign post-secondary academic institution and at least one year of prior related work experience in his or her occupational field outside the United States

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